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About Us

About Us

SDK International is an International Law Firm that works in all areas of law and provides services in the spheres of taxation, consultancy, business incorporation and support, accountancy and auditing, certification, registration of real estate and many others. It is represented in Europe, America, Australia and Oceania, Asia, Africa.

Our company has been operating in the international market for 14 years. Our specialists are divided into continents and narrow specializations, which allows us to provide a truly professional service at each stage of the service. Our staff speaking on 8 lenguites.

By applying our extensive experience and international communications with our representatives and partners we operate in more than 130 countries. We are ready to offer tailored solutions with respect to individual cases on client’s request.

In order to avoid information leakage, even employees don’t have names of clients. In fulfilling their function, they are transferred to a single supervisor who has customer data. After finishing the service, all the information is permanently deleted from all sources (email, servers, etc.).

Our goals

Our goals are respect for the interests of our customers. We create conditions for them in which they can have a restful sleep. Creating a company policy, we were guided primarily by the interests of our customers. What is important to them. Thus, the entire constructed model works primarily for customers.

We care about safety of information provided and guarantee its protection from transferring to the third parties without consent of its owner.

Our task is to provide our customers with high quality and prevent the repetition of the Panamanian offshore!

Why us

Multi-disciplinary approach

You'll receive a full consultation on any issue

Highly qualified staff

All our employees are professionals in their industry

Individual decisions

Each task is solved taking into account customer requirements

Growing business

We can increase and expand our business


No customer information will fall into third parties

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We  have already registered hundreds of companies in different parts of the world, and we know all the subtleties and underlying potential problems when registering companies in the necessary jurisdiction. You will save your time and money by applying for us.

Individual solution

We implement a personal plan in line with your objectives. We'll offer all our services includes full legal support of the company registration procedure, obtaining a legal address, interaction with the official government authorities of the jurisdiction, state fees, legal address of the company, etc

Full legal support

We'll provide the client with the best company incorporation services. Professionals and expertise of Law: Worldwide registration and legal maintenance of companies, accounting services, and audit, tax planning and optimization, trademark and patent registration

Positive result

Strategically providing up to date personalized services to help your business succeed. We makes use of modern technological features to keep the records and details of every client safe

All world in one place