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Merchant Account

Merchant is referred to as a special bank account that allows you to accept and process payments with bank cards via the Internet (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, etc.). Merchant account means the contractual relationship between your company and the bank (plastic cards processing center), according to which means coming from the online sales of your products paid via plastic cards of your customers are credited to your bank account.

Merchant account for goods and services with low risk
Most of the products and services offered to pay online do not present risk of losing money from the actions of frauds and unscurpulous enterpreneurs to cardholders and acquiring banks serving the payments. Connecting of online stores implementing such products by most banks seems to be the least expensive and most attractive. In the field of e-commerce with respect to such goods and services such adjective as “low risk” is used in daily use. The main indicator in which the product can be attributed to this group is the lowest percentage of unhappy customers who claim their funds to return.

SDK International company offers opening merchant accounts in different banks in different countries depending on the area of your company. Our experts will offer you the best payment processing scheme that is convenient for your customers and profitable for your company. We can arrange payment solutions for any kind of the legal business.

Open a merchant account

Step 1. Choose your plan

Step 2. Send us documents

Step 3. Pay

Step 4. Get a connected account


*  All documents stated below is not a restricted or complete list of a particular jurisdiction.

Documents of the legal entity

Documents for the account manager

  • Registration certificate
  • Charter
  • Articles of incorporation
  • A resolution on the appointment of the director
  • Attorney for the signatory on the account (in case of connection to a foreign acquiring notarization of documents and translation are required)
  • Internal passport
  • A document confirming residence
  • Bank statements

Also may be required:

Brief business plan: description of goods / services, the average transaction amount, the expected number of operations per week / month, the physical address of the organization.

In case of the payment history payment bank statement and the picture of the page confirming the ownership of the Internet site are needed.

Low Level Risk

Term of acceptance from the bank

Term integration Merchant Account
Interest Rate

1-2 working days

3-5 working days


High Level Risk

Term of acceptance from the bank

Term integration Merchant Account
Interest Rate

1-2 working days

3-5 working days


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