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Applicable in tax planning schemes of jurisdiction, can be divided into the following categories:

1. States with zero taxes, also called Classic Offshore. Such countries are characterized by a low level of economic development, while these jurisdictions are politically stable. In such courts, the income tax is absent. In many classical offshore jurisdictions, there is no requirement for filing financial statements; the only condition that the state makes is to pay an annual fixed fee to the treasury. These jurisdictions also apply maximum measures to preserve the confidentiality of information about the ultimate beneficiaries of companies.

2. Countries with low taxes. The establishment of low fees in such countries is carried out to stimulate the economy and attract foreign capital. Offshore such jurisdictions are not, because companies in their territories pay taxes and submit accounting reports.

3. Countries with a national tax system. In the states of this category, the level of taxation is affected by the place of origin of the income. To prove eligibility, companies are audited every year and submit financial statements. In some jurisdictions, the application of tax rates depends on whether the funds were transferred in any way to “home” jurisdiction, or not.

4. High-tax countries with exclusive benefits. In such jurisdictions, the location of the source of income does not affect taxes. It is possible to distinguish rather high tax rates, as well as mandatory financial statements. Several organizational and legal forms of business are fully exempted from taxes (corporate):

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