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Citizenship of Austria By Investment

Governmental investment program

Article 10(6) of the current Citizenship Law provides for the possibility of acquiring passport of Austria by investment.
Considerable investments in the Austrian economy contribute to granting citizenship on an exceptional basis.

The investment is possible in an existing business or establishment of new companies capable of providing 5 jobs or increase exports sales. Purchasing government bonds or property are passive investment and do not provide the right of participation in the program. After capital investment, the applicant receives a residence permit in Austria for the whole family. And there are no requirements for national language proficiency, knowledge of history and culture of the country or the obligation to reside in Cyprus before and after obtaining citizenship.

With obtaining passports of Austria under investment program, all family members of an applicant become full fledged EU citizens.
The status is valid for a lifetime and is automatically transferred to the applicant’s successors. Owning an Austrian passport allows living in Switzerland, which gives an opportunity to significantly optimize taxation

Why investors choose Austrian passport

Visa-free travel around the world

Austrian passport provides visa freedom for travel to more than 168 countries around the world

EU passports for family

Citizenship of Austria by investment is available for the investor, his spouse, and children under the age of 18 years

Favorable business environment

For Austrian citizens, there is a simplified process of opening a European company and a favorable tax system

Access to all EU banking services

In addition to opening an account in any banking institution in the EU, you can also apply for loans and mortgages with a Austrian passport

Choice of residence place

Austrian citizen has the right to move to any EU country for residence without obtaining an additional permit

Prestigious education

Children of Austrian citizens have the right to study in any educational institutions of the European Union

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Highly developed infrastructure, strong economic and
politic ties contribute to personal business development,
providing benefits to entrepreneurs

Step by step procedure for filing citizenship for investments

Step 1. Establishment of new company or purchasing shares of the existing business

Step 2. Investing an amount over 10 million euros in the share capital

Step 3. The introduction of new technologies and creation of 5 jobs for nationals

Step 4. Obtaining resident cards (residence permits)

Step 5. Acquiring passport of the European Union


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Our team of lawyers, tax advisers and real estate agents from all around the world, with the diplomatic support from European officials, will implement an investment citizenship program for you

Positive result

The preliminary approval from the main government authorities allows us to guarantee the investor obtaining Romanian passport.

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