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State program for obtaining a Hungarian passport

Simplified assignment of Hungarian citizenship is regulated by the Citizenship Act of 20 August 2010. Citizen of any country, who meets immigration requirements, can apply for a Hungarian passport. Hungarian citizenship acquisition is carried out within the officially established state procedure

Hungarian passport gives its owner special advantages that allow to settle down in Europe successfully

Why Hungarian state passport program is a great choice for immigration to the EU

Visa-free travel around the world

Bulgarian passport provides visa freedom for travel to more than 150 countries around the world.

Citizenship heredity

After applicant receives a Bulgarian passport, future children automatically become citizens of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Favorable business environment

For Bulgarian citizens, there is a simplified process of opening a European company and a favorable tax system.

Access to all EU banking services

In addition to opening an account in any banking institution in the EU, you can also apply for loans and mortgages with a Bulgarian passport.

Choice of residence place

Bulgarian citizen has the right to move to any EU country for residence without obtaining an additional permit.

Prestigious education

Children of Bulgarian citizens have the right to study in any educational institutions of the European Union

EU citizenship acquisition under the Hungarian repatriation procedure is carried out in 7-8 months. Documents package for obtaining citizenship under a simplified procedure is verified by authorized state body – Hungarian Immigration and Asylum Office. Applicant receives consulting and legal support in the process of obtaining Hungarian passport from a licensed agent

How to obtain a Hungarian passport

Step 1. Collecting documents for confirmation of Hungarian origin

Step 2. Preparing a power of attorney for a lawyer to apply for citizenship

Step 3. Submitting documents to the Hungarian Immigration and Asylum Office

Step 4. Opening a visa to enter the country and obtain a Citizenship Certificate

Step 5. Obtaining a Hungarian passport and other internal European documents

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