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Citizenship By Investment

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Governmental investment program

A citizen of any country can become a participant in the governmental program and obtain Romanian citizenship by investments. The implementation of direct investments for the purpose of obtaining a passport goes through a specialized company approved by the Government of Romania. The authorized agent provides the investor with advice on the most favorable investment activities, with due regard for the information on the business environment, monitors compliance with legal requirements for the investment system in Romania, provides recommendations on accelerating the granting of citizenship to the relevant state authorities. Acquiring citizenship of Romania is available when buying commercial real estate or economic contribution to medical business projects aimed at the prolonging life and youth.

Until granting citizenship, the investor receives a residence permit.

European Union passport attracts investors

Visa-free travel around the world

Romanian passport provides visa freedom for travel to more than 150 countries around the world

Tax Optimization

Citizens of Romania are exempt from an income tax, property, gifts and inheritance tax

Favorable business environment

For Romanian citizens, there is a simplified process of opening a European company and a favorable tax system

Access to all EU banking services

In addition to opening an account in any banking institution in the EU, you can also apply for loans and mortgages with a Romanian passport

Choice of residence place

Romanian citizen has the right to move to any EU country for residence without obtaining an additional permit

Prestigious education

Children of Romanian citizens have the right to study in any educational institutions of the European Union

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Types of investment

Commercial Real Estate


Minimum Investment Amount:
Minimum Investment Amount:

30 000 Euro

30 000 Euro

30 000 Euro

The investment of more than 30 thousand euros in the organization of the research center or in the establishment of the medical center, as a result, the investor is appointed to be a manager of LLC (S.R.L.) and in a period of one year obtains Romanian citizenship for the whole family, including parents

If invest 130 thousand euros, the investor gains the right to dispose of 30 thousand euros for the purchase of commercial real estate or equipment, which is a very advantageous opportunity. And only the remaining amount is used for the process of registration of residence permits, permanent residence, and citizenship for your family.

Step-by-step procedure of citizenship by investments registration

Step 1. Reservation of the amount in the bank in first and last name of the investor

Step 2. Registration of LLC (S.R.L.) and identification of investment options

Step 3. Visa application

Step 4. Acquiring resident cards (residence permit, permanent residence)

Step 5. Applying for citizenship

Step 6. Acquiring the EU passport

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Individual solution

We implement a personal immigration plan in line with your objectives. A new life without borders and freedom of movement in 150 countries of the world will be granted to the whole family

Full legal support

Our team of lawyers, tax advisers and real estate agents from all around the world, with the diplomatic support from European officials, will implement an investment citizenship program for you

Positive result

The preliminary approval from the main government authorities allows us to guarantee the investor obtaining Romanian passport.

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