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Citizenship By Reparation

Obtaining Romanian citizenship by repatriation implies an accelerated application processing period, retaining current citizenship, no requirements for prior residence and knowledge of the state language. A simplified Romanian passport is issued to individuals who have confirmed their territorial affiliation in accordance with the current Romanian legislation.

Government of the country has a loyal immigration policy, allowing applicants to become citizens of the European Union in a short period of time through obtaining Romanian citizenship.

Why Romanian state program is popular among those who want to obtain EU citizenship

Visa-free travel around the world

Romanian passport provides visa freedom for travel to more than 150 countries around the world

EU passports for the whole family

Obtaining EU citizenship is also available for a spouse and minor children

Favorable business environment

For Romanian citizens, there is a simplified process of opening a European company and a favorable tax system

Tax optimization

Having Romanian citizenship exempts you from paying taxes on income, gifts, property, and inheritanc

Prestigious education

Children of Romanian citizens have the right to study in any educational institutions of the European Union

Alternative place of residence

Romanian passport grants its holder the right to reside and conduct business in any country of the European Union

How to obtain a Romanian passport

Step 1. Grounds confirmation for obtaining Romanian citizenship

Step 2. Booking an appointment date and submitting Romanian visa application

Step 3. Dossier submission to the Ministry of Justice together with a lawyer

Step 4. Tracking the case status by individual number and waiting for the order release

Step 5. Arriving to the Ministry of Justice for obtaining a Certificate of Citizenship

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